‘Trump is a liar’: Mark Ruffalo, John Legend and Debra Messing among celebrities to react to Trump-Biden debate

Graeme Massie and Roisin O'Connor
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Election 2020 Debate (Copyright 2020 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)
Election 2020 Debate (Copyright 2020 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

The second and final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was a less chaotic and frenzied affair than their first clash.

But that did not stop Hollywood celebrities from sharing their reaction to the Nashville encounter between the two White House rivals.

“Trump is a liar, Biden is an honourable man who raised his boys on his own after his wife was killed in a car accident,” said Avengers star Mark Ruffalo.

“If Trump has his way, the ACA will ‘magically disappear’ - and with it coverage for preexisting conditions. Trump’s insistence on destroying ACA hurts all American families!” said Will and Grace star Debra Messing.

Star Trek actor George Takei, also tweeted out his view.

“Biden sounds very clear, capable and focussed. Trump, sounds like … well, Trump.”

Actress Alyssa Milano was also vocally on Mr Biden’s side.

“What is Trump hiding? Everything,” said Milano.

Actor James Woods has been a strong supporter of Mr Trump throughout his presidency.

“‘Rolling around in bed?’ Every major Democrat city in America has tens of thousands of homeless lying on the pavement – hungry, disorientated, diseased and hopeless. In your world, Joe, nobody’s in bed and certainly nobody’s ‘rolling around.’”

Sophia Bush tweeted that it was “insane” to watch debate reaction on Fox News.

“They way they are spinning Trump’s cruelty, lying, and the fact that his BEST month of job creation was less than any month in the economy he inherited?? It’s laughable, But nuts.”

Pro-Trump actress Kirstie Alley tweeted out that she felt the president got the better of Mr Biden.


John Legend said: “Trump said he couldn’t see everyone because it was dark but he was sure he was the least racist person in the room. Like how? And what if the light were brighter? Would he have tempered his assessment? That guy in blue is less racist but I’m definitely in the bottom 5 of racist.”

Actor John Cusack commented: “Trump only proves real strategic enemy is fascism in us all – Our heads / hearts / everyday behaviour that causes us to love or covet power: to desire the very thing that dominates & exploits us. Who would not stop this man – unless they harbour such lust for power.”

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