Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke names dream cast for reboot

Catherine Hardwicke has named her dream cast for a Twilight reboot credit:Bang Showbiz
Catherine Hardwicke has named her dream cast for a Twilight reboot credit:Bang Showbiz

'Twilight' director Catherine Hardwicke would choose Jacob Elordi and Jenna Ortega to play the lead roles in a reboot.

The original movie - based on the book by Stephenie Meyer - was released in 2008 and starred Robert Pattinson as vampire Edward Cullen who strikes up a romance with teenager Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, and Catherine says she would pick Jacob and Jenna for the roles if she had to name the dream cast for a remake.

During an appearance on the 'Happy Sad Confused' podcast, host Josh Horowitz asked: "Is Jacob Elordi Edward Cullen today? Is Jenna Ortega ... [Bella]" and Catherine replied: "Oh, that would be perfect."

She added of 'Priscilla' star Jacob: "I mean, he’s amazing. He probably would be Edward today."

Catherine went on to say: "It would’ve changed anyone’s life if they got that part, ... I do think there’s a lot of really cool young actors today. Of course, you just mentioned Jenna Ortega, she’s amazing."

The original film spawned four sequels - 'New Moon' Eclipse' and 'Breaking Dawn Part 1' and 'Part 2' - and it was recently reported a 'Twilight' TV series is in the works at Lionsgate TV.

When asked about the new TV project, Catherine insisted she doesn't know much about it. She said: "[I haven't] actually found out exactly ... I don’t know yet [what it will look like]. Maybe they don’t even know."

She went on to reveal she was involved in a 'Twilight' reunion last year when she attended Pattinson's 37th birthday party along with Stewart.

The moviemaker explained: "Strangely enough, I ended up … I went to Rob's birthday party recently. I kinda crashed with my friend Toni Collette, who had just done a movie with him. We had a fun thing, and then Kristen crashed it too. That was just a few months ago, and it was just like, ‘Oh my God!’ We all hugged each other — like, this is so crazy and cool."