Bizarre Twilight 'animal droppings' deleted scene goes viral

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Twilight (Credit: Lionsgate)
Twilight (Credit: Lionsgate)

Fans who think they know the Twilight movie series inside out might find that Kristen Stewart's Bella Swan still has a few secrets to reveal.

Weird, weird secrets.

Thanks to a TikTok video now gaining traction, one fan of the series has noted an unsettling moment in particular.

It's featured in the extended edition of the movie, currently on Amazon Prime, specifically the scene in which Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen is showing Bella around his house for the first time.

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In his bedroom is a rainstick – obviously – which Bella picks up, before telling a peculiar anecdote that might have been better left on the cutting room floor after all.

“I had a chinchilla and me and my mom used to make these out of the chinchilla's droppings and, like, paper towel rolls,” she says. “Maybe that's weird.”

Judging by Pattinson's expression, yes, indeed it is.

Remarking on the moment, TikTok user @honeydxo notes: “I know why everybody says that Bella doesn't have a personality and it's because they left out this scene right here.”

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The five Twilight movies were a springboard for the careers of both Stewart and Pattinson, who played the star-crossed lovers.

Based on the books by Stephenie Meyer, and released every year from 2008 to 2009, when the series concluded with Breaking Dawn Part 2, they made $3.3 billion at the worldwide box office.

But the chinchilla poop moment was far from the weirdest.

Who could forget the harrowing baby puppet of 'Renesmee' – dubbed 'Chuckesmee' after the Child's Play murderer Chucky.

Chuckesmee from Twilight (Credit: Lionsgate)
Chuckesmee from Twilight (Credit: Lionsgate)

Revealed in deleted scenes from the movie's DVD box set in 2013, director Bill Condon called the decision to make Bella and Edward's half-human, half-vampire child in latex 'a giant misfire on all fronts'.

He told Entertainment Weekly: “Truly, it was one of the most grotesque things I've ever seen. It was a horror show! There was one shot where I call, 'Cut!' and suddenly she turns her head and mechanically stares right into the camera. It was incredibly disturbing.”

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