V for Vendetta TV series reportedly in the works

Ryan Leston
·UK Movies Writer

‘V for Vendetta’ is apparently being remade for TV.

According to Bleeding Cool, the iconic Alan Moore graphic novel (which was turned into a movie starring Hugo Weaving and Natalie Portman) is about to get its very own TV series.

“British TV network Channel 4 is developing a series based on the Alan Moore and David Lloyd comic book V For Vendetta,” they revealed, “originally published by Dez Skinn‘s Warrior magazine in the early eighties before being concluded at DC Comics.”

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‘V for Vendetta’ is a political thriller set in dystopian Britain – following the rise of a tyrannical government and its eventual downfall as one man (known as ‘V’) vows to take it down.

(Particularly apt, given the current political climate)

It’s packed full of literary allusions, and is one of Alan Moore’s finest works.

And the movie adaptation was just as marvellous.

‘V for Vendetta’ stars Hugo Weaving as the enigmatic V, with Natalie Portman, Stephen Rea and the incomparable John Hurt in leading roles. And the Guy Fawkes masks used in the film became a cultural icon – eventually picked up by anarchist groups such as Anonymous.

But will ‘V for Vendetta’ work for TV?

One thing’s for certain – ‘V for Vendetta’ will certainly benefit from a long-form format. Although the movie remains a fan favourite, I can’t help thinking that a TV series would be able to delve into the cultural and political subtleties with far more depth.

The only problem? Whoever is cast as ‘V’ will have to top Hugo Weaving.

And that’s a tough act to follow.

His performance as ‘V’ was truly spectacular. Acting from behind a Guy Fawkes mask is a tough role… but his use of body language and verbal subtleties turned ‘V’ into an absolute marvel. If the TV series stands any chance of topping the film adaptation, they’re going to need an actor with real clout to pull off the role.

Who will that be?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

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