Val Kilmer meets fans at special screening of original 'Top Gun' in Texas

Ben Arnold
Val Kilmer who played Iceman and Barry Tubb who played Wolfman introduce a special screening of Top Gun (Credit: Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Val Kilmer was out and about over the weekend, introducing a special screening of action classic Top Gun in Austin, Texas.

The 59-year-old actor met with fans, posed for pictures and introduced the outdoor screening of the 1986 movie along with Barry Tubb, who played Wolfman in the movie, at the Austin Food and Wine Alliance and Rolling Roadshow last Sunday.

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He also appeared at the event the previous night, for another screening, this time of his western smash Tombstone.

(Credit: Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Kilmer was wearing a pink shirt, and brown shorts, which appeared to have been scrawled on in biro.

He also wore his now customary neck scarf, which he wears following his surgery for throat cancer.

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Kilmer, who played Tom 'Ice Man' Kazansky opposite Tom Cruise's Maverick in Tony Scott's benchmark action movie, revealed his battle with cancer in 2017, after several years of rumours surrounding his wellbeing.

(Credit: Gary Miller/Getty Images)

He spoke about his recovery from cancer with The Hollywood Reporter, revealing that he'd undergone a procedure to his trachea which had left his voice raspy and leaving him often short of breath.

However, he appears to have recovered from the surgery, and in recent months has gone on the road with a one-man show based on the life of Mark Twain, in which he plays the celebrated writer.

He also reprised his role of Ice Man in the forthcoming Top Gun: Maverick, which sees Cruise's pilot back as a trainer in flight school.

Also starring Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris and John Hamm, it's due out in June 2020.