Which Walking Dead character do fans miss the most?

The Walking Dead fans are a tough bunch. Yes, we moan and whinge about the show a lot. We also have to put up with enough character deaths to make even Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin weep. It’s hard being a fan of a show when literally no one is safe (especially if the cast keep asking for pay rises).
A recent poll has revealed who the most missed characters on the show are. It’s been a brutal last couple of seasons so the results aren’t necessarily that surprising. Since Negan and his Saviors have arrived, the body count has risen. And it hasn’t all been background cannon fodder. The Walking Dead has shed some of its most beloved characters recently. But are they the most missed?

The poll

The poll started off with a choice of 32 characters to choose from. Shockers from the first round include fans missing Ezekiel’s tiger Shiva more than they miss Rick’s wife Lori. Ouch, poor Lori. I still think she had the saddest death of the show so far. The Governor is less missed than T-Dog, and neither the flower-smelling Lizzie, nor Carol’s daughter Sophia managed to zombie walk their way out of the first round.

Just because the Governor didn’t make it to round two, it doesn’t mean that people don’t miss the morally murky characters though. Both Shane and Merle make it to round two before Merle is bumped off by Sasha and then in round 3, Shane gets knocked out in favour of Abraham.

The final four

Proving that either fans have very short term memories, or that recent deaths are still hurting, three of the final four are very recent deaths. Only Hershel’s death was before season seven. The beheading of Maggie’s father at the hands of the Governor came in the mid-season finale of season four. Apparently a lot of fans still miss the old geezer.

Poor Maggie only got a few seasons respite before her sister Beth died. Then she had to deal with the death of her husband Glenn at the beginning of season 7 / end of season 6. Luckily Glenn and his Negan-battered buddy Abraham made it into the final four, along with Rick’s son Carl who only bit the bullet a few episodes ago.

The winner

In the final, it all came down to Glenn and Carl, both original cast members, and both killed during this bloody war with the Saviors. There could be only one winner. Carl got 67% of the final vote to be crowned the most missed character on The Walking Dead.

Is this a case of fans with short term memories, or did Carl really deserve to be the most missed character, even if he has only been gone a few weeks?

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