The Walking Dead midseason trailer: 5 questions it raises

A solemn new Walking Dead midseason trailer just dropped and it appears to show us the end of Alexandria, the end of Carl Grimes, and the end of some poor unfortunate souls that are unlucky enough to meet Negan. But as with all trailers, is it really that simple? Watch the trailer here. Here’s six questions the season 8 midseason trailer poses:

Who is Negan killing?

One thing is for sure, Negan’s got his killing pants on. He is seen power-drilling somebody’s head and swinging old Lucille into another person’s head. For such a monster, it’s been a while since we’ve actually seen him doing anything really monstrous. So the trailer promises Negan is back to his barbaric best, but it also offers no clues as to who has displeased the leather-clad despot. Could it be the traitorous Dwight?

Is Alexandria gone?

The very first shot of the trailer is Alexandria in flames. After the assault of the final episode, it’s not surprising to see the walled town in bad shape. Houses burn while the survivors are still safe (for now) in the sewers below. But there is hope that Alexandria can rise again. There is at least one house that won’t be reduced to ashes as we see some characters heading inside. But we also know from the trailer that most of the gang are heading to Hilltop, so Alexandria could be a long way from ever being habitable again.

Why is Rick not completely devastated?

My biggest question for such a seemingly sombre trailer, is why do we not see more characters clearly grieving for Carl? Rick is seen alone in a field. He could be crying, who knows? But why, if Carl really is dead, do we not get more reaction shots of the bereaved Rick or Michonne? The trailer obviously wants a sense of sadness, so why not be more explicit with how the characters will emotionally respond to Carl’s final moments? Let’s face it, Rick’s always looked miserable since about season 3, but why no falling to his knees and cursing the sky etc?

Could Negan save Carl and why does Carl look so well in the final shot?

Which leads me to my next questions. Bear with me a moment. There are many theories swirling around that Carl’s bite will not be fatal. Despite everything the stars of the show are saying. Despite Chandler Riggs cutting his hair. So why does Carl look so well as he raises his face to the sunshine? Where is the sweat? Where are the dark rings beneath his eyes?

And most importantly, why have AMC chosen to cut together Negan saying ‘I stop people from dying. I am the answer’ with Carl looking so refreshingly well in the final shot of the trailer. Has Negan got a cure? Could he somehow save Carl? Or is this just deluded wishful thinking?

Is this Morgan’s last stand?

Last but not least, is the trailer setting us up for Morgan’s exit from The Walking Dead? We know that he is going to feature in the spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead. Does that mean that Morgan will have to die in the main series? He seems to be getting a hell of a lot of action in this trailer. Will he make it to the end of the season?

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