The Walking Dead season 9: 3 comic story lines we need to see

We’re only a few weeks away from a Walking Dead season 9 trailer. For now, we have one image (above) that reveals Rick looking a little more neat and tidy, Daryl and Michonne looking exactly the same as ever, and Maggie with longer hair and perhaps post-pregnancy. This also alludes to there being a time jump in the new season. The Capitol building in Washington DC also features in the promo image, suggesting season 9 might be heading back on the road.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, there’s plenty of great stuff from the comics to get our teeth into. According to Skybound, fans are getting excited about a range of comic storylines that could be featured in season 9. Here’s the top 3 comic storylines we need to see in The Walking Dead season 9. Do not read on if you have not read the comics and want to know nothing of what may happen.

Gregory Vs Maggie

The show has already had plenty of conflict between the Hilltop’s former leader Gregory and the usurping, angry widow Maggie. In the comics, things get taken up a notch when Gregory plans to kill Maggie. His plot to kill her is backed up by other members of Hilltop that have become dissatisfied with the way Maggie is running the show.

This could be a huge story line. Maggie has likely had a her child if the time jump is long enough between seasons 8 and 9. Gregory was last seen in season 8 in a cage. The actor Lauren Cohan is likely to be leaving the show this season. Perhaps in a twist from the comics, Gregory might actually be successful in taking out Maggie. The repercussions would be very serious indeed.

Negan in prison

We know Rick has kept Negan alive. We know Jeffrey Dean Morgan is growing a serious beard. Unless Rick suddenly changed his mind in the time jump, Negan should be alive and well when season 9 starts. He will be imprisoned by Rick and still causing trouble with his wicked tongue.

Unfortunately, what we won’t be getting is some great scenes between Carl and Negan as Carl is now dead in the show. What we will most likely get is a lot more of Negan as the story progresses. It will be interesting to see how his incarceration has affected Maggie and Daryl and anyone else who was not a fan of Rick’s big decision to save Negan. Have they let it go by the time season 9 starts, or is their resentment still simmering?

The Whisperers

Finally, obviously, it’s all about The Whisperers. It would be pleasant for season 9 to feature a nice brief period of peace and harmony. But by  the crucial mid-season finale, I want to see The Whisperers. Whether that is a brief introduction, or whether that will be The Whisperers’ awful, savage massacre of several key cast members remains to be seen.

The Whisperers are going to be worth watching the show for alone. And if we are going to lose Rick, Maggie, and maybe some other characters, The Whisperers might just be the way to do it. Expect bloodshed.

What comic story lines do you want to see in The Walking Dead season 9?

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