'The whole movie is open to interpretation': Kirsten Dunst thinks Civil War will get film fans talking

Kirsten Dunst covers Variety magazine (c) Jason Hetherington credit:Bang Showbiz
Kirsten Dunst covers Variety magazine (c) Jason Hetherington credit:Bang Showbiz

Kirsten Dunst thinks that 'Civil War' is a movie that will get audiences talking.

The 41-year-old actress stars as photojournalist Lee in Alex Garland's dystopian film that takes place in the USA during a second Civil War and she expects the picture to cause a stir as it is completely "open to interpretation".

Kirsten told Variety magazine: "This movie, after you see it, you want to talk about it for a while with people. And I think any movie that does that is incredible.

"The whole movie is open to interpretation. For me, there were things I just accepted that were unexplained. It allows the audience to fill in their own feelings about what they're watching."

In the film, Nick Offerman's US president is a narcissistic tyrant but Kirsten has rejected parallels between the character and former White House occupant Donald Trump.

The 'Marie Antoinette' star said: "It feels fictitious to me. I don't want to compare because that's the antithesis of the film. It's just a fascist president.

"But I didn't think about Nick's character being any certain political figure. I just thought this is this president, in this world, who will not abide by the Constitution and democracy."

Dunst began her career as a child actress – shooting her first movie at the age of six – and explained that she is now "very picky" about which films she chooses to star in.

She said: "I'm very picky. But that also means I have long breaks where I don't work.

"Like, I can't do a project for the money. It's just very hard for me to be like, 'Yes!' If it's not in my heart, I can't do it because I've been doing this for so long."

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