Why Did Warner Bros Alter Harley Quinn’s Hot Pants for Suicide Squad Promo?


Promotion for ‘Suicide Squad’ is already well under way ahead of its release at the start of next month, with Will Smith, Jared Leto, Cara Delevingne, Margot Robbie and pals looking to charm audiences into watching the blockbuster in their droves.

But there was one little element of ‘Suicide Squad’ that needed to be slightly adjusted from the film’s final edit so that it could be used in its promotional campaign. Margot Robbie’s hot pants.

Eagle-eyed Reddit user swervingmoss noticed that Harley Quinn’s hot pants in the ‘Suicide Squad’ television spot were longer than in the footage shown as part of the Suicide Squad – Official Comic Con Soundtrack Remix. You can check out Reddit’s findings here and here.

You can now watch the Suicide Squad – Official Comic Con Soundtrack Remix below …

The reason why is rather simple, though. Television regulations are much more stringent on excessive flashes of skin than cinema, and Warner Bros decided to avoid any undue controversy or offense by covering up Margot Robbie’s derriere, courtesy of the wonders of CGI.

Which when you consider how the future of the DC Extended Universe is very much riding on ‘Suicide Squad’ being both a financial and critical success following the tepid response to ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ is understandable.

You’ll get to see Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn as writer and director David Ayer intended when ‘Suicide Squad’ is finally released on August 5th.

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[Images via Warner Bros.]