Why this deleted scene from 'Captain Marvel' has angered trolls

Captain Marvel deleted scene angers men (Credit: Disney)
Captain Marvel deleted scene angers men (Credit: Disney)

Another day, another reason for trolls to get mad at Captain Marvel.

The superhero movie, first in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to centre on a female character, has been praised for its feminist message but a minority of fans have taken issue with it as well as Brie Larson.

Now they’re complaining about a deleted scene involving Carol Danvers and a sexist biker (Robert Kazinsky), which was trimmed down for the film.

In this extended version, the biker approaches Carol and demands a smile for offering unwanted help so she uses her powers to bring him to his knees and get his bike.

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Some men are not happy with Carol using her powers on a dude-bro in such a way.

“Captain Marvel tortures a Man, steals his motorcycle. Yikes Movie Scenes like this will definitely not help feminists causes,” Twitter user @alpacajon65 said.

“The Man's crime, he asked a Woman to smile. Just imagine if a Man treated a Woman like this in our society,”

Some people agreed:

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Others loved the scene, especially women who often face this unwanted and sexist attention from men:

A few have pointed out that the scene was a nod to the 1991 movie T2: Judgement Day so maybe people should see it as an homage and nothing else.

For Kavinsky, who played the biker, he offered this response:

Guess he’s Team Carol.

Sadly for Captain Marvel trolls, the next phase of the MCU will see her play a major part.

There are rumours that Larson’s superhero will head up the New Avengers following the climactic events of The Infinity Saga which will also, hopefully, usher in a load of new heroes.

Speaking of Captain Marvel’s next movie, Kevin Feige told Screen Rant: “The making of a first film is in some ways a brainstorm on the future and on what can be so what it will be again is not clear.

“But what it could be is pretty amazing.”