Will Negan survive The Walking Dead series 8?

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8B key art (Photo: AMC)
‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8B key art (Photo: AMC)

The Walking Dead: has there ever been such a popular show that fans just can’t stop moaning about? Some people have been complaining ever since Scott Gimple became showrunner. Even more people started to whinge as soon as Negan raised Lucille’s pretty little head for the first time. Now, with Carl in a dangerous predicament in The Walking Dead series 8, some fans are ready to scream. Or cry. Or switch off.

Negan has dominated the series as the primary antagonist since his first appearance in series 6. In the comics, Negan first showed his big bad face in issue 100 and (WARNING: the rest of this article will contain spoilers from the comics!) shockingly he is still around over 70 issues later.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has clearly had a ball swinging the bat and rocking back and forth on his heels every five minutes. He has brought a swagger and terrifying charm to Negan, minus the excessively potty mouth of the comics version of the character.

The new poster

Judging by the recently released poster for the second half of series 8, it looks as though the Rick Vs. Negan conflict is about to come to a decisive head. ‘The Last Stand’ it screams in bold red letters. Rick trudges towards Negan, gun in hand. Negan waits with Lucille by his side. It can only end in the death of one of these two men can’t it?

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The comics

Well, not if they stick to the comics. Negan is due to hang around for quite a while yet. He even gets some very interesting character development as the story continues. Will the show keep Negan around like the comics have, or will they continue to cut their own path?

It’s the shocking revelation that Carl has been bitten that has got me thinking that nothing from the comics is sacred anymore. Sure, the show and the comics have diverged in major ways before (look what happened to Andrea), but Carl’s impending death seems to be a major turning point.

If Carl does indeed die in the next episodes, and it’s because of the war with Negan and the Saviors that he was bitten, then surely Rick will kill Negan. Again, it doesn’t matter what happens in the comics. The TV version is its own thing as it has proved time and time again.

I cannot see Rick showing any mercy when it comes to Negan. Not if Carl dies during the conflict. Not even if Carl has been trying to get his father to be more compassionate.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

In an interview with Playboy, Jeffrey Dean Morgan speculated on his future in the show. He said “I’ll be around for a little while… if they follow the comic book, that could be three or four seasons. We haven’t had a lot of conversations about what’s ahead, but the show is in a rare position. Unless the audience just totally says “F**k off,” I think we’ll be around for a while longer.”

Well some of the fans have been quite vocal ever since Negan smashed in the heads of Glenn and Abraham. Maybe they do want Negan to disappear. With a lot of fans also angry about Carl’s fate, they will be baying for blood once this series approaches the final episodes.

If Carl dies, but Negan survives the series, heads will surely roll. Despite what Morgan may say, I think Negan may not be around as long as he has been in the comics. I want to see Maggie get her revenge. If the show is going to diverge from the comics by killing off Carl, here’s hoping they deviate again with the fate of Negan.

Do you want to see Negan survive the series?

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