William Shatner rants at fans over autograph requests

William Shatner (Credit: Greg Doherty/Getty Images)
William Shatner (Credit: Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

William Shatner has long had a turbulent relationship with his own notoriety.

But the Star Trek legend really went for it on Twitter yesterday, after a fan appeared to be accusing him of yelling at someone who asked for an autograph.

It unleashed a rant which was cantankerous even by his own grumpy standards.

Wrote one (perhaps former) fan: “You must be a very pleasant person to ask for an autograph. People, don’t ask him for one. You’ll probably just get yelled at.”

And so it began…

(It’s perhaps worth noting at this point that Shatner charges in the region of $80 – just over £60 – for his autograph at conventions, though that figure is actually quite reasonable compared to other sci-fi stars, with Mark Hamill’s scribble setting you back somewhere in the region of $295).

But still, the row continued on. And on…

Hang on, maybe this is a good idea?

Ah… no. Clearly not.

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