Wonder Woman 2 director is getting a HUGE pay rise

Ryan Leston
UK Movies Writer

Director Patty Jenkins is officially back for ‘Wonder Woman 2’.

And she’s negotiated quite a deal.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ‘Wonder Woman’ director will return to helm the upcoming sequel… and has managed to work out an impressive deal following the first film’s hugely positive reception.

“After an unusually lengthy and tough negotiation, the director has closed a deal with Warner Bros. to helm, co-write and produce the sequel to the movie sensation of the summer,” they confirmed. “The deal is precedent-setting, making Jenkins the highest-paid female filmmaker in history, though getting to this point was ‘challenging’, according to one source.”

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But how much is she getting paid?

According to THR, she was paid just $1 million for directing ‘Wonder Woman’… but her newly-renewed contract could take her into uncharted territory – earning as high as $9 million for the sequel. And that makes her the highest paid female filmmaker of all time.

“Sources say Jenkins will receive directing and writing fees in the high seven figures (think somewhere in the $7 million to $9 million range) on Wonder Woman 2,” they revealed. “But, more significantly, will have a considerable backend.”

According to their sources, Jenkins was looking to negotiate a deal more in line with Zack Snyder’s pay after he helmed ‘Man of Steel’… and after creating one of DC’s biggest hits in recent years, you can’t blame her.

Thankfully, Patty Jenkins is now back on board for ‘Wonder Woman 2’.

And if you ask us, she’s worth every penny.

‘Wonder Woman 2’ will star Gal Gadot is the iconic DC superhero.

Patty Jenkins will direct the film, based on a script by Geoff Johns.

‘Wonder Woman 2’ heads to cinemas on 13 December 2019.

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