Wonder Woman Wants Sean Bean And Eva Green

It looks as though ‘Wonder Woman’ may have found her villains… as Sean Bean and Eva Green are reportedly up for the roles of two iconic DC bad guys.

According to Heroic Hollywood, Bean and Green are up for villainous roles in the upcoming ‘Wonder Woman’ solo movie.

“Actors Sean Bean and Eva Green are being eyed by Warners for villain roles,” they reveal. “Which roles exactly? Here is what I’m being told. Sean Bean is being considered for Ares - The God of War. Eva Green is being eyed for Circe - The Sorceress.”

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Of course, Ares and Circe are based on the character from Greek mythology… and in the comic books are both considered to be some of Wonder Woman’s greatest adversaries.

Ares is often depicted wearing traditional Greek (or sometimes Roman) combat attire, and in the recent New 52 comic books, his mere presence invokes violence amongst mortals. Being a god, he is obviously immortal and cannot be harmed by mortal weapons.

Circe on the other hand is a wicked Sorceress, based on the Greek character from ‘Homer’s Odyssey’. Also immortal, she possesses all the usual powers a sorceress might make use of – telekinetic power, teleportation, creating magical blasts and even reviving the dead.

But will Sean Bean and Eva Green appear in these roles?

“The studio is eyeing them for the roles,” they explain. “That doesn’t mean these actors got the roles. Not sure if meetings have taken place or offers have been made.”

Either way, including both Ares and Circe makes a lot of sense… and I can’t help thinking that Sean Bean and Eva Green are two great choices for the roles. But will it work out this way in the end? For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

‘Wonder Woman’ heads to cinemas on 23 June 2017.

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Picture Credit: Warner Bros.

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