Woody Harrelson ate too many prunes on the Star Wars set and you can probably guess what happened next (exclusive)


It can be tough shooting a Star Wars movie. It’s a giant franchise, with a lot of pressure on its shoulders. There’s only one thing tougher than making a Star Wars movie, and that’s making a Star Wars movie when you really need to go to the toilet.

During the Solo: A Star Wars Story shoot, Woody Harrelson (Tobias Beckett) made the fairly massive mistake of deciding to eat his own body weight in prunes. We’ll let the cast explain what happened next.

“We were shooting a scene in the tents in Mimban, in the World War I part of the movie,” Alden Ehrenreich (Han Solo) tells Yahoo Movies UK.

“Woody likes to have prop in certain scenes, and he asked for prunes. Thandie said ‘You don’t want to be eating prunes in every take’ and he said ‘I’m fine, I’ve eaten prunes before.’”

“Then we shot a lot of takes and slowly Woody’s face falls. There’s steam coming up from the ground and Woody starts getting very irritable about the steam.”

“You just watched his whole demeanour change, he was really struggling. Thandie and I were making fun of him a lot, because every time they said action, he’s got to eat the prunes again.”

Thandie Newton (Val) elaborates – complete with a Woody Harrelson impression that has to be seen to be believed, and some NSFW language – in the video above.

“This is how sexist this man is,” Newton explains. “At the beginning of this scene Woody’s like ‘I wanna be eating in the scene.’ And he eats incredibly healthily this man. ‘I want it to be something dark.’”

“So they bring this bag of prunes and I say ‘Oh, babe, I don’t know if you want to go there.’ ‘What do you mean? It’s just plums, it’s just dried plums.’ ‘They are plums, but…’ ‘Dried plums, plums!’ I just assumed this dude knew.”

‘So several hours later, it was like ‘Oh my god, my stomach.’ I was in such agony, it hurt!” Harrelson says.

‘He’s a fun guy, but he got all moody and started complaining about everything,” Newton continues. “‘It doesn’t smell right in here, do we have to do this take again?’” Then Alden comes over and says ‘Woody, what’s wrong, man?’ ‘I’ve just been eating these prunes!’”

“She’s like, I’m not surprised you’re feeling it, you just ate your body weight in prunes,” Woody adds.

“And Alden says ‘Why would you eat prunes? They just make you s**t!’ And then he’s like ‘Why didn’t anyone tell me?’ And it’s like, ‘I f***king told you at the beginning, you d**k,’” Newton says.

“It was so funny. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Woody Harrelson’s desperate need to, well, discharge, let’s just say.”

We now know exactly which deleted scene we want to see on the Blu-ray.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is in cinemas on Thursday 24 May.

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