11 Amazing Things Hidden In Film End Credits

Just because the film’s over, doesn’t mean you won’t still see something cool…

No dragons were hurt on ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’

Animal lovers will be pleased to know that the filmmakers took great care not to cause injury to any of the fire-breathers who starred in the fourth ‘Harry Potter’. No word on whether all the mermaids were okay…

The most awful job on a movie set?

When you’re growing up and hoping to break into the film business, it’s unlikely you might consider yourself ending up as ‘sperm wrangler’ on the set of John Travolta-starrer ‘Look Who’s Talking Too’. That’s what happened to poor Blair Clark. God knows what he had to deal with when he worked on ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’.

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‘Tron’ speaks directly to its Taiwanese crew

Movies with animation have always relied on the expertise of the Far East when it comes to execution, but the pioneering 1982 sci-fi movie specifically recognised the importance of their crew in Taiwan by just putting the whole page of credits into Taiwanese characters.

‘Robocop’ is coming to get you – maybe

All credits include a copyright notice outlining how much trouble you can get into for pirating the movie. But the one for 1987’s ‘Robocop’ went further by suggesting that anyone trying to copy the film might get an unpleasant visit, not from the police, but enforcement droids. Anyone who’s seen the machine-gunning robots in the film will understand how bad that can go.

‘Airplane II’ tells us what they think of Adolf Hitler

Film crews are full of silly-sounding job titles. Chief amongst them is Best Boy, but the slapstick sequel went one better and also pointed out who their Worst Boy is. Not surprisingly the Führer nabbed the role.

Jessica Chaffin’s boobs

We’re not quite sure why actress Jessica Chaffin’s breasts got their own credit in the Melissa McCarthy/Sandra Bullock movie ‘The Heat’. But they did – she played the character of Gina and Gina’s boobs. It’s something she’s happy to trumpet on her Twitter bio. Probably a step up from being the writer for ‘Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease’.

‘A Bug’s Life’ points out how many species they killed off – don’t worry it’s a joke!

We all know how these days no animals are harmed during the making of a movie, lest the filmmakers get into a whole heap of trouble. Underrated Pixar flick ‘A Bug’s Life’ made fun of this by pointing out they killed off a number of entire species instead, including the last two striped red heinied tapirs, whose cause of extinction is “grip truck”.

Learn how to make brownie topping courtesy of ‘Hot Shots!’

1991 ‘Top Gun’ spoof ‘Hot Shots!’ provides a public service in their credits. Anyone who fancies making chocolate brownies for their tea after watching the film can use the recipe they put on-screen. The cinnamon’s an excellent touch.

Kevin Smith credits a whole bunch of people for working the boom in ‘Clerks’

The writer/director’s debut feature is famous for its DIY-ness, which is why there isn’t one person who gets credit for manning the boom. Rather it’s ‘Whoever grabbed the pole”.

Disney distances itself from one ‘Frozen’ character’s bigoted anti-male views

Namely, the fact that Kristoff in the smash animation proclaims that all men eat their own boogers (that’s bogies if you’re not American). How dare he.

The Beatles dedicate ‘Help!’ to the guy who invented the sewing machine

Why? Who knows. But Elias Howe was the first person to get a US patent for a machine having actually invented his own version (there were varieties of machine before his, but none that worked as well) in 1845. He did get the patent the following year though.

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