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Tom Hanks

This kind of goes without saying but Tom Hanks is a lovely human being on and off the screen. He’s not only helped to return lost IDs but also refunded a couple the ticket money they paid to see Larry Crowne. He also started a budding friendship with a taxi driver in NYC, he fondly calls Mr. Ferrari, and through the driver’s riders invited him to see his Broadway show.

16 Hollywood stars you should ask for a selfie with (or avoid) if you see them in real life

The classic saying goes “you should never meet your heroes” and more often than not that is the case.

More than a few Hollywood stars are not as nice as their onscreen characters and prefer not to have their personal space invaded by strangers, no matter how many times you watched their last movie at the cinema.

However, there are just as many famous people who don’t actually mind taking a selfie or signing an autograph so here are 18 stars you might want to say hello to, or avoid, next time you see them out and about.

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