Akira remake has two directors in mind

Akira - Credit: Toho
Akira – Credit: Toho

It looks as though ‘Akira’ isn’t quite dead yet…

It’s been stuck in development hell for years – ‘Akira’ has supposedly been getting a live-action adaptation for quite some time. But while it looked as though it may never happen, it turns out that Warner Bros. now has two directors in mind.

And it’s back in the works… again.

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According to a recent episode of Meet the Movie Press, there are two new names to add to the list of potential ‘Akira’ directors: Daniel Espinosa and David Sandberg.

And they’re apparently the frontrunners.

So who are they, and why are they in the running for ‘Akira’?

Daniel Espinosa

Daniel Espinosa - Credit: WENN
Daniel Espinosa – Credit: WENN

This one should be no big surprise – Daniel Espinosa is the man behind recent sci-fi flick ‘Life’ starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds. He also directed ‘Child 44’ and ‘Safe House’ and is due to reteam with Jake Gyllenhaal in the upcoming ‘The Anarchists vs ISIS’.

Not a bad choice… and with ‘Life’ receiving positive reviews, you can see why they might want him on board.

David Sandberg

David Sandberg - Credit: WENN
David Sandberg – Credit: WENN

Best known for ‘Lights Out’, David F. Sandberg is more of a horror director… which may work out well for ‘Akira’ depending on the direction they’re going for. He’s also directed the upcoming ‘Annabelle 2’ – the sequel to hit horror ‘Annabelle’ which is all about a possessed doll.

Maybe a slightly ‘out there’ choice, but it could also be a stroke of genius.

Either way, the big take home is that ‘Akira’ looks to be back in business.

Whether or not it will get off the ground this time remains to be seen. After all, ‘Akira’ was supposed to be heading to Justin Lin… and before that, Jaume Collet-Serra, George Miller, and even Christopher Nolan were associated with the project.

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