Anne Hathaway Keen For A Catwoman Spin-Off Movie

Just when we thought Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight films were done and dusted, Anne Hathaway is up for reprising her character in a spin-off.


Speaking to Variety during this year’s Toronto Film Festival, the actress expressed how much she enjoyed playing the role of Selina Kyle/Catwoman from Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. “I loved that character and I had such a blast playing her,” Hathaway revealed.

But even though the Oscar-winner would gladly take on the nimble role once more, she realistically doesn’t believe it’s practical.

“I’m not sure how it would work because I think the Chris Nolan chapter of the Batman story has been wrapped up and I’m part of that, but I love the DC Universe and it would be fun to take a trip back.”

But there’s nothing to stop another director picking the character up and moulding it into a solo movie, is there? Considering DC and Warner Bros. are keen to expand the DC universe with upcoming titles like ‘The Flash’, ‘Aquaman’, ‘Wonder Woman’, and ‘Justice League’, there’s no reason why they can’t expand further with a character that would not only gain a lot of support but strengthen the numbers for women superhero movies.

Hathaway also noted how she’s in no way overly possessive of the Catwoman character because she’s so graciously had the role handed to her from the previous ‘Catwoman’. “I don’t think you can,” she said in regards to passing the baton.

“It sort of goes with the territory when you accept it and receive it from the last Catwoman. I was shown such generosity from Halle [Berry] and from Michelle [Pfeiffer], and so I would do that the next time as well.”


Are we likely to see a new actress play the vigilante, just as Batman has been recast with Ben Affleck? Hathaway would no doubt be capable of filling the role and a search for a new face would likely be heavily scrutinised by fans if that were to happen.

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Picture credit: Warner Bros., DC