Lexi Alexander Will Direct Biopic Of Tragic Wrestler Chris Benoit

One of the saddest stories in professional wrestling history is set to be brought to the screen.

Director Lexi Alexander has signed on to ‘Crossface,’ a biopic of the late Chris Benoit, the WWE superstar who murdered his own family before committing suicide in 2007.

Posthumous examination revealed that Benoit had been suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease almost certainly caused by his wrestling career.

The film will be based on Matthew Randazo V’s book ‘Ring of Hell: The Story of Chris Benoit and the Fall of the Pro Wrestling Industry.’ The screenplay has been adapted by Jake Goldbeger and Sarah Coulter.

This will be the first film Lexi Alexander has directed since 2010’s ‘Lifted.’ The 42-year old German filmmaker - also a former karate and kickboxing champion - remains best known for 2005 football hooligan drama ‘Green Street’ with Elijah Wood and Charlie Hunnam, and 2008’s ‘Punisher: War Zone,’ which made her the first female director of a Marvel Comics movie.

In a statement, Alexander (whose small screen credits include ‘Arrow’ and ‘Supergirl’) said, “I was pretty certain I’d stay in TV rather than returning to the feature world, because the material just seems so much better in TV, especially in drama, but then ‘Crossface’ came my way.

“A heartbreaking, true story about the dark side of wrestling… I couldn’t say no to that.” 

‘Crossface’ will be produced by Alex A Ginzburg and Tony Lee, whose credits include ‘Hardcore Henry.’

Picture Credit: WWE, Rex/Shutterstock

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