Michael Fassbender Felt Miscast As Steve Jobs, Says X-Men Apocalypse Was ‘Just Shouting’

Michael Fassbender may be one of the most widely admired actors in the business right now, but evidently this doesn’t stop the man himself from being his own worst critic.


In a discussion of his work at the Toronto International Film Festival, the 39-year old Irish-German actor expressed embarrassment over his performance in this year’s ‘X-Men: Apocalypse,’ and revealed he felt “miscast” in the title role of ‘Steve Jobs.’

According to Vulture, Fassbender visibly cringed in front of the audience after a clip was shown from this year’s ‘Apocalypse,’ in which he made his third appearance as the complex mutant villain Magneto.

Fassbender admitted, “I don’t actually like that performance there, to be honest. I just think it’s me shouting.”

As for ‘Steve Jobs’ – the actor admitted that the Danny Boyle-directed movie was his most difficult experience as an actor, and says he only accepted the role under pressure from his both his father and his agent. (Christian Bale had initially been attached to play the late Apple pioneer.)


Fassbender admits he can be a bit slow memorising his lines – and this was his key difficulty on ‘Steve Jobs,’ thanks to Aaron Sorkin’s script.

“It was so dense! It was such a mountain, and I’m a slow learner, so when the script arrived for me and the opportunity came to play the part, I really thought, ‘This is not me. This should be somebody else. It’s a miscast scenario.’

“But in rehearsals I was trying to find a way to get out of the job. I remember telling my driver, ‘If I put my arm in the door, you should slam it. It should cause a break and it should get me out of this gig.’"

Still, there was one thing Fassbender very much appreciated about ‘Steve Jobs:’ getting to work with Seth Rogen. Believe it or not, this is because the acclaimed serious actor is dying to have a go at comedy – but he acknowledges, “maybe people don’t think of me that way.”


On meeting Rogen, Fassbender recalls, "I think I threw a blueberry at him at one of these dinners, and he was at a table across the way, so that was our introduction.

"So when we were on ‘Jobs,’ he said, 'I thought we’d work together at some point.. . on one of my movies!’ So maybe at some point."

Still, Fassbender isn’t too down on himself, as he admitted being proud of his work in ‘Hunger’ and ‘Prometheus.’

Michael Fassbender will next be seen in ‘The Light Between Oceans,’ in UK cinemas 4 November.

Picture Credit: 20th Century Fox, Universal

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