Avengers: Infinity War trailer breakdown

Sam Ashurst
Spider-Man, Captain America and Thanos in Marvel’s Infinity War (Disney).

After months of waiting (and days of teasing) it’s finally here – the Avengers: Infinity War trailer has landed and it’s mind-blowing.

We’ve broken it down to highlight the most interesting moments, searching for all the hidden clues that’ll tell us what to expect when the film lands on April 27, 2018 in the UK (a full seven days ahead of the US!)

Vision’s Mind Stone

Paul Bettany’s Vision shares a romantic moment with Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen)

It’s been long-rumoured that Paul Bettany‘s Vision will be a key driving factor in Avengers: Infinity War‘s plot – he does have an Infinity Stone in his forehead, after all – this shot really drives that point home.

Black Widow’s new haircut

Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) has a new look.

Scarlett Johansson‘s Black Widow has had a fairly major makeover for Avengers: Infinity War. Is her blonde hair part of an undercover disguise, to help hide her while she’s on the run with Chris Evan’s Nomad? (more on him in a moment). If so, we hate to break it to you Widow – we can still tell it’s you. Maybe try a baseball cap and shades next time?

Spidey sense returns

Tom Holland’s spider-sense is tingling.

One of Spider-Man‘s most iconic powers, his ‘spider-sense,’ was missing from Spider-Man: Homecoming, it looks like it’s back in a big way for Avengers: Infinity War. Guess he needed an event big enough to trigger it in the MCU. And it doesn’t get much bigger than whatever that wheel-thing in the sky is.

Strange meets Stark

The gang’s all here.

With a cast this big, Avengers: Infinity War is going to have to split its key characters into cliques, and here’s our first glimpse at one of them. Oh, and look who it is – we saw him earlier in the trailer (beside a big Hulkbuster glove) in Wakanda, now he’s in New York – looks like Mark Ruffalo‘s Bruce Banner made it back to earth from Thor: Ragnarok and, despite his worries in that film, he isn’t stuck as the big green guy after all.

Loki’s bargain

Loki offers up the Tesseract.

This looks like a direct continuation from Thor: RagnarokLoki stole the Tesseract at the end of that movie, and we’ll bet our last spider-suit that he’s offering it up to Thanos in this shot, at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War – presumably in exchange for his life. The Tesseract contains the Space Stone, which can open gateways to any part of the universe, which will come in handy for the big purple space invader. And, speak of the devil…

Thanos revealed

The big bad.

We’ve seen him in promo material, we’ve seen an early version of him in the original Avengers, but this is our first look at Infinity War‘s Thanos moving around and he looks… Okay? He’s a bit underwhelming, like someone tried to recreate Bruce Willis using purple Play-Doh. But, hey, the film’s not out until next year, so maybe they’ll work on the CGI up until release.

Iron Spider

Spider-Man’s upgraded.

Looks like Peter’s decided to go with Tony Stark‘s Iron Spider suit after all, which he turned down at the end of Homecoming, but will probably save his in life in Infinity War, as we’ll see in a moment…

Captain America goes Nomad

Steve Rogers has a beard!

Yep, forget Superman’s moustache, Steve Rogers’ beard is going to be the biggest comic-book facial hair talking-point next year. For fans, this is a major sign that Rogers will take up the ‘Nomad’ name, a codename he gave himself in the comics after he abandoned Captain America’s costume / shield. But going by Black Panther’s trailer dialogue, it sounds like he won’t be Nomad for long – someone get this man a shield – and a razor – stat!

Outrider attacks

Black Panther takes on Thanos’ army.

Black Panther fights one of Thanos’ Outriders in this shot, and we wish him all the luck. Outriders are Thanos’ parasitic alien servants, who are basically genetically engineered killers who are as obsessed with death as their master is. They can shape-shift, turn invisible and read minds in the comics, but we imagine (hope?) the MCU versions won’t be as powerful.

Spidey Vs Thanos

Spidey takes a beating.

Looks like Spider-Man takes on Thanos and loses – which is fairly bad news for anyone who was hoping that they’d ever see a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Thanos isn’t really known for leaving behind survivors when he fights someone. But, hopefully, the Iron Spider has a couple of tricks up its sleeves (you know, aside from all the webbing) that’ll help him get out of this one, as yeah, we really want to see that sequel.

Vision’s Infinity Stone threatened

Vison’s in trouble.

Vision fans, look away now. This is a pretty firm sign that your favourite hero isn’t going to make it out of Infinity War alive. That’s the Mind Stone Thanos is ripping out of his forehead – it’s the source of Vison’s power and, while he probably could survive without it, it’ll make him a bit of a boring character. So, RIP Vision.

King T’Challa’s army

T’Challa and his army.

Looks like the Avengers rock up to Wakanda in Infinity War, it’s where the big battle set-piece will take place. They’ll be there for several reasons, partly because King T’Challa is a total bad-ass, partly because it’ll make a nice change to have a fight that isn’t in a city for once, partly because Steve Rogers will want to hang out with Bucky (who you can see at the back of this shot – Wakanda is where we last saw The Winter Soldier and Steve wuvs him). But mainly because Wakanda’s where the Soul Stone is, so this could be the team’s last stand against the CGI tyrant, as he hunts down the final piece of his collection.

Thanos’ army of Outriders

Outriders attack.

Yeaaaaah, that’s a LOT of Outriders, leaving a fairly major path of destruction. Look closely, and you’ll see trees, and potentially a city, on fire. Could this be the end of Wakanda’s capital city, Birnin Zana?

Avengers reassemble

The money shot.

There it is, Infinity War‘s teaser trailer’s money shot, cramming War Machine, Bucky, Black Widow, Steve Rogers, Hulk, Okoye, Black Panther and Falcon into one frame. And that’s not even half the heroes in this thing! This really is going to be the biggest movie of all time, isn’t it? We’ll meet you at your local Odeon to start queuing now.

Thor meets the Guardians

Guardians meet Thor.

And, as the trailer ends, there’s just enough time to say hello to The Guardians Of The Galaxy, including teenage Groot, as they say hello to Thor for the very first time. Contrary to internet rumours, Thor’s still missing the eye he lost in Ragnarok (after the Comic Con Infinity War teaser held back that twist), so that’s nice.

Avengers: Infinity War will be out in the UK on April 27th. Which is super soon!

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