Batgirl casting rumour: Lindsey Morgan up for Joss Whedon DC movie?

Could Lindsay Morgan be the new big screen Batgirl? (Credit: DC Comics/The CW)
Could Lindsay Morgan be the new big screen Batgirl? (Credit: DC Comics/The CW)

Well, how about that – barely a day after news broke that Joss Whedon is in talks to write and direct ‘Batgirl,‘ we have our first rumour as to who may be in line to take the title role in the Warner Bros/DC movie.

Speculation is rife that Lindsey Morgan of TV’s ‘The 100’ may have been cast as Batgirl/Barbara Gordon – although admittedly the evidence isn’t exactly watertight.

Reporting on the rumour, cite the 27-year old actress’s Twitter feed, where she recently hinted at an exciting project in the pipeline:

It is also noted that, since news of ‘Batgirl’ broke, Morgan has retweeted several links to news stories on the movie, including a number addressing the possibility of her casting in the lead – including the CB article cited above.

Of course, none of this in any way proves that Morgan is definitely a contender for the role of Batgirl, but it certainly bears consideration. On the one hand, her casting in the title role of what is sure to be a much talked-about movie might seem unlikely, given her lack of major film roles in the past – but Warner Bros/DC have already demonstrated their willingness to take a chance on comparatively lesser known TV actors, as Henry Cavill was before being cast as Superman in ‘Man of Steel.’

Indeed, beyond Ben Affleck, Will Smith and Jared Leto, none of the current crop of DC stars – Gal Gadot, Margot Robbie, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher – were necessarily established movie stars prior to landing roles in the DCEU. As such, Morgan’s relative anonymity need not be much of an issue.

Lindsey Morgan at the 2015 Saturn Awards (credit: WENN)
Lindsey Morgan at the 2015 Saturn Awards (credit: WENN)

As for Morgan’s suitability for the role: this writer must confess to having never seen an episode of ‘The 100,’ but her performances in indie horror movies ‘Detention’ and ‘Chastity Bites’ wouldn’t have felt out of place in an episode of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ – which could bode well for a future working relationship with ‘Buffy’ creator and ‘Batgirl’ writer-director Joss Whedon.

EW reports that, in line with most of the DCEU thus far, the film will largely be modelled on the New 52 series, in which Barbara Gordon operates mostly alone as Batgirl. In the New 52 version of events, Gordon had recovered from the wounds inflicted on her by the Joker in ‘The Killing Joke,’ although it is of course too soon to know whether or not that classic yet controversial storyline will in any way be referenced.

Rosario Dawson was the most recent actress to portray Barbara Gordon/Batgirl in ‘The Lego Batman Movie.’

Look out for more ‘Batgirl’ news as we hear it; we’ve no doubt there’ll be many more rumours to come.

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