Ridley Scott reveals link between Alien: Covenant and Prometheus

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Revealed… Ridley Scott unveils how Alien: Covenant and Prometheus are connected – Credit: Fox
Revealed… Ridley Scott unveils how Alien: Covenant and Prometheus are connected – Credit: Fox

Thanks to the various clips from scenes and an all-encompassing trailer, it feels like there can’t be much story left to tell in ‘Alien: Covenant’.

And now Ridley Scott has let loose even more information ahead of the film’s release at the CinemaCon event in Las Vegas.

Connecting the film’s predecessor ‘Prometheus’ with the forthcoming sequel, the final piece of the puzzle appears to have slotted into place.

There are – dropped by the director himself – spoilers ahead…

According to The Playlist, Scott pitched up at a ‘Covenant’ event to show the audience some footage which connects the dots between the two movies, with Michael Fassbender’s David at the centre of it all.

The clip reportedly shows David arriving by space ship at a kind of amphitheatre, attended by hundreds of the ‘engineers’ from ‘Prometheus’.

(Credit: Fox)
(Credit: Fox)

He then proceeds to expose the crowd to a ‘mass of black bombs’ from the ship, loaded with the goo which transforms those who touch it into the movie series’ iconic alien creatures.

Then in the ‘present day’, it’s revealed that the planet the colonialists from ‘Covenant’ have landed on is the Engineers’ former planet, hundreds of years later.

It appears that David has other ideas about letting this human crew find a new, safe planet to live on.

It’s not known if the crew encounter David – Fassbender is playing a new but identical android called Walter in ‘Covenant’ – nor whether there will be any wrapping up of Noomi Rapace’s story from ‘Prometheus’, but things patently aren’t going to end at all well.

So, should there be anything left to see, you can see it on May 12.

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