Are BBC stars allowed to take dogs to work as shown in Netflix's Scoop?

Scoop shows Gillian Anderson's Emily Maitlis taking her dog to work. (BBC)
Scoop shows Gillian Anderson's Emily Maitlis taking her dog to work. (BBC)

Scoop dramatises the events that led to Newsnight's 2019 interview with Prince Andrew where he publicly addressed allegations of sex trafficking with Jeffrey Epstein, but viewers were more focused on a wholly different part of the narrative: Emily Maitlis' dog.

The Netflix film stars Gillian Anderson, Rufus Sewell and Billie Piper, and it depicts Anderson's Maitlis taking her dog with her to work. The scene caused quite a stir amongst viewers, who questioned whether it was allowed for BBC journalists to do so.

Taking to social media to question the creative decision, one person wrote on X: "Just watched #scoop on Netflix. Did Emily Maitlis really have a dog that had free rein at the BBC? Did it have security clearance?I want Newsnight to investigate."

Another person wrote: "Just watched #scoop on @Netflix, please tell me @EmilyMaitlisRX (parody) took her dog to work!", while one viewer similarly shared: "Loved #Scoop and thought the depiction of @franunsworth particularly good. Did @maitlis really bring her dog to work (not something I ever saw in the corridors of NBH)? Great work from @SamMcAlister1"


To answer the question over whether the film gave an accurate representation of working life at the BBC, TV presenter Jane Hill took to social media to clarify that it is, in fact, not possible to bring a dog to work unless its a guide dog.

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Hill wrote: "Just watched #Scoop. Would like to be clear, we are not allowed to take our dogs into work. (Except guide dogs of course). If we were, my beautiful border collie would have made many an appearance on #BBCNews !"

The real Newsnight interview saw Prince Andrew answer questions from Newsnight journalist Maitlis, there were several standout moments from the conversation including multiple references to a Pizza Express in Woking. It was a disaster for the prince, who had hoped it would help him set the record straight.

The accusations and interview led to the shamed prince stepping away from his royal duties, and he paid a financial settlement to his alleged victim, Virginia Giuffre, who was 17 at the time of the alleged incident.

Scoop is out now on Netflix.

Watch the trailer for Scoop: