The best films on TV: Saturday, 25 April

Ben Dadds
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Exodus, Neon Demon, Twelve Monkeys.
Exodus, Neon Demon, Twelve Monkeys.

A time travel trilogy, two biblical epics and at least one of the best films you’ve never seen are all on today as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Saturday, 25 April.

Head-banging classic rock, nutty ex-GF’s, geeky friends, puerile puns and guitar worship in catchphrase comedy rhapsody in Wayne's World 10:00am Comedy Central

Time-traveling Oedipus woos his own mum, brutalises bully, invents rock ‘n’ roll and befriends man thrice is age in flaming 88mph fun Back to the Future 11:00am Film 4

Unwilling to compromise, duty bound sheriff hunts murderers to morally grey ground of obsession in deconstructionist western Lawman 12:45pm ITV4

Teenage time traveler breaks history, visits hoverboarding future, idealised past and dystopian present in flawless sequel Back to the Future Part II 13:20pm Film 4

Christopher Lloyd and Thomas F Wilson in a scene from the film 'Back to the Future Part III', 1990. (Photo by Universal Pictures/Getty Images)
Christopher Lloyd and Thomas F Wilson in a scene from the film 'Back to the Future Part III', 1990. (Photo by Universal Pictures/Getty Images)

Crazy kid emulates Eastwood while mad scientist runs riot in old west, steals train and woman’s heart in anachronistic fun Back to the Future Part III 3:30pm Film 4

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Helen Mirren stars as the monarch suddenly despised by media and public alike before finding redemption in a metaphorical stag The Queen 4:55pm ITV3

Raised as royal brothers, siblings' close bond breaks as one realises his true origins and must lead his people to freedom in biblical musical The Prince of Egypt 5:30pm Sky 1

A poster for DreamWorks' 1998 animated film The Prince of Egypt. (DreamWorks)
A poster for DreamWorks' 1998 animated film The Prince of Egypt. (DreamWorks)

Deity doubting Prince Of Egypt leads his enslaved people to freedom in Ridley Scott's lavish, sprawling epic Exodus: Gods and Kings 6:00pm Film 4

Snowbound hulk and alcoholi-dad stave off ruthless drug dealers’ cabin assault in fiery-axe-wielding toxophilic exhilarator Braven 9:00pm Sony Movies Action

Repeatedly scrubbed time tumbler seeks apocalypse averting insight in Terry Gilliam's cyclical Cassandra complex 12 Monkeys 9:00pm SyFy Universal

Captain handsome and crew overcomes existential ennui by battling WMD wielding lunatic with bikes, beats and shouting Star Trek Beyond 9:15pm Channel 4

Railroaded into stealing a McGuffin, hackers find themselves subject to alphabetifistful-spaghetti government agency witchhunt Sneakers 10:00pm Sky Living

Pulling no punches, loquacious force-of-will personified blazes trail through haters and humanity alike: intricate, intimate pugilistic powerhouse biopic Ali 10:10pm ITV4

Brain munching zombie brainiac, sexually slandered vampire and virginal human put aside differences to battle alien onslaught in Werner Herzog teen-comedy curio Freaks of Nature 11:00pm Horror Channel

Innocent and callow natural beauty is consumed by rapacious jealousy of LA’s modelling culture in Hypnotic phantasmagoria The Neon Demon 11:15pm Film 4

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Intravenous venom abusing death distributer and pet hyena outsmart and butcher mercs and aliens alike in delightfully dark sci-fi Riddick 11:40pm Channel 4

Mel Gibson discovers vast conspiracy after his daughter is murdered. Kills lots of people and uncovers the truth Edge of Darkness 11:45pm BBC One

A bounty hunter tracks down a bunch of lowlifes in Steve McQueen's final feature The Hunter 1:00am Talking Pictures TV

Just out of prison The Rock evades drug-withdrawn cop and philosophical killer whilst making good on his personal kill-list Faster 1:10am Sony Movies

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