The Big Bang Theory promo for Justice League may contain a major movie spoiler

Has ‘The Big Bang Theory’ just leaked a major ‘Justice League’ spoiler? (Credit: Warner Bros)
Has ‘The Big Bang Theory’ just leaked a major ‘Justice League’ spoiler? (Credit: Warner Bros)

A potentially huge spoiler for ‘Justice League’ may have just landed online, the unlikely source being a promo from ‘The Big Bang Theory.’

The fan-oriented sitcom is hosting a contest on its website with tickets to the Hollywood premiere of the Zack Snyder-directed DC Extended Universe team-up movie up for grabs. However, the graphics used on the webpage would appear to give away something which we had not necessarily been expecting from ‘Justice League.’

Bear in mind this remains speculation, but if you wish to go in to ‘Justice League’ spoiler-free, you may prefer not to read on.

‘The Big Bang Theory’s contest invites readers to identify ‘superhero of the day’ via a roulette wheel decorated with superhero logos… but, as Reddit user Muzzled Penguin points out, there’s one logo there which, based on what we know so far of ‘Justice League,’ shouldn’t be there.

Of course, we don’t mean Superman; even though Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel has been absent from the trailers (dream sequence notwithstanding) and the majority of the promo artwork, everyone knows very well he’ll be back.

No, the DC superhero in question is – Green Lantern.

The Big Bang Theory’s Justice League promo – note Green Lantern logo, above right (credit: Warner Bros)
The Big Bang Theory’s Justice League promo – note Green Lantern logo, above right (credit: Warner Bros)

Now, it’s entirely possible that the Green Lantern logo was included merely to balance the wheel out a bit; possibly it’s even a ruse to whip up speculation (in which case, mission accomplished, obviously).

However – could this possibly mean that a Green Lantern (i.e. a member of the intergalactic super-powered police force whose roster includes several humans) will appear in ‘Justice League?’ There have certainly already been ample grounds on which to suspect this.

For one, it is known that Warner Bros/DC – whose pre-DCEU 2011 ‘Green Lantern’ movie with Ryan Reynolds has been subject to much mockery (some jokes on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ included) – have a reboot of the property in the works, ‘Green Lantern Corps,’ provisionally scheduled for 2020.

In the original DC Comics, Green Lantern is traditionally a core member of the Justice League – and as early promo posters (see below) for ‘Justice League’ featured the words ‘unite the seven,’ it would seem logical that Green Lantern is that missing seventh member.

Just to help out with the math there: Superman + Batman + Wonder Woman + Cyborg + The Flash + Aquaman = six.

On top of which, the San Diego Comic Con 2017 ‘Justice League’ trailer saw the antagonist Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds) make direct reference to the ‘Lanterns,’ in the same breath as the ‘Kryptonian’ – i.e. Superman, last son of Krypton. And if we know one of those is going to appear in ‘Justice League,’ why not the other?

If a Green Lantern does indeed appear in ‘Justice League,’ it will have been one of the best-kept blockbuster secrets for a long time; and a pointed contrast to the approach taken by ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ when many felt that the appearance of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and the monster Doomsday would have been better kept as a surprise.

Still, past rumours have linked Armie Hammer to the role of original Green Lantern Hal Jordan (as previously portrayed by Reynolds), whilst Tyrese Gibson has been linked to the more recent Green Lantern, John Stewart.

As to whether either of these men, or someone else entirely shows up as Green Lantern in ‘Justice League,’ we’ll find out when it opens on 17 November.

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