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The Hobbit Dwarves: before and after

Peter Jackson's much anticipated 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' will shortly be released in the UK. Martin Freeman stars as the plucky young Bilbo who sets off on an adventure with 13 oddly familiar Dwarves.

Featuring a host of acting talent, we take a look at the fellas underneath the Dwarf make-up.

Thorin — Richard Armitage

Copyright: Warner Bros / Ace Showbiz)

Former circus performer and 'Spooks' star, Richard Armitage, plays Thorin Oakenshield — the leader of the pack when it comes to the Dwarfs. "The real height of Thorin is five-foot-two," the English-born actor told Collider, "I think most five-foot-two people would be quite offended if they were to be called dwarves."

Dwalin — Graham McTavish

(Copyright: Warner Bros./liveforfilms)

Previously best known for his role as Waden Ackerman in another height-related series, 'Red Dwarf', Glaswegian McTavish admits he feels honored by his casting. Speaking to he said: "I think that I would be very lucky indeed if ever again in my career, I was offered an opportunity that was going to be so iconic in its influence and scale."

Balin — Ken Stott

(Copyright: Warner Bros./Contactmusic)

Veteran of the odd TV crime-thriller (or five), Ken Stott will be using his detective skills as Balin, older brother of Dwalin and the Dwarves' vigilant look-out-man. Jackson said of Stott's casting: "Fran and I have long been fans of Ken's work and are excited he will be joining us on this journey."

Kili — Aiden Turner

(Copyright: Warner Bros./Digitalspy)

'Being Human' star Aiden Turner plays Kili, one of the better looking of the company (as Dwarves go). Denying producers wanted to "de-handsomfiy him", Turner told Entertainment weekly he was giving a beard a chance: "We're just trying stuff out and seeing what it looks like," said the 29-year-old.

Fili — Dean O'Gorman

(Copyright: Warner Bros./Johnsonlaird)

Former New Zealand soap star Dean O'Gorman joined 'The Hobbit' after 'Eastenders' actor Robert Kazinsky dropped out in April 2011. Described by Jackson as a "terrific Kiwi actor," 35-year-old O'Gorman will play Fili, the red headed brother of Kili - and apparently the Dwarf with the biggest nose.

Dori — Mark Hadlow

(Copyright: Warner Bros./Majorspoilers)

Frequent Jackson collaborator Mark Hadlow joins his director-of-choice as Dori, older brother of Nori and Ori. Hadlow recently met Prince Charles in full Dwarf-get-up as the Royal toured New Zealand's Weta studios.

Nori — Jed Brophy

(Copyright: Warner Bros./Cinefacts)

Another favourite of Jackson's, 48-year-old Brophy had appeared in Braindead, Heavenly Creatures and all three LOTRs — mainly as orcs.

Ori — Adam Brown

(Copyright: Warner Bros./Zimbo)

Having had years of experience acting in TV ads and pantomime (and even 'Chucklevision'), 'The Hobbit' marks Adam Brown's first ever film appearance. Speaking about Brown's casting, Jackson said: "Adam is a wonderfully expressive actor and has a unique screen presence. I look forward to seeing him bring Ori to life."

Oin — John Callen

(Copyright: Warner Bros./trialx)

Speaking to, London born Newzealander and stage actor John Allen said of his casting in 'The Hobbit': "I did wonder about my casting and how they had made the choice — maybe the long hair and the beard sold it."

Gloin — Peter Humbleton

(Copyright: Warner Bros./Zimbo)

Peter Humbleton will play Gloin, son of Groin and brother Oin, who has a more important relationship to note: he's also the Father of Gimli. And we all remember him. Can you spot the family resemblance?

Bifur — William Kircher

(Copyright: Warner Bros./theonering)

In a pack of warrior Dwarves, Bifur, played by Kiwi TV actor William Kircher, is by far the most distinct - he has the remains of a goblin axe lodged in his forehead, meaning he can only communicate via grunts.

Bofur — James Nesbitt

(Copyright: Warner Bros./ The Guardian)

One of the more recognisable Dwarves, 'Cold Feet' and 'Murphy's Law' star James Nesbitt will play Bofur, a "funny, forthright and occasionally brave dwarf." Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, the 47-year-old said: "It's a big film — it is really the biggest ever made. I'll always be able to say I was a Dwarf in 'The Hobbit' and there's only 13 of us that will ever be able to say that."

Bombur — Stephen Hunter

(Copyright: Warner Bros./IMDB)

Funnyman Stephen Hunter, who plays cuddly Dwarf Bombur, is best known in his native New Zealand for taking his shirt off in a Toyota ad. Talking to about playing the comedy relief character, he said: "Bombur's not a small Dwarf — but I've never been a small man myself!"

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'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' is released in the UK on 13 December.