Mila Kunis Baywatch debut revealed

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Mila Kunis didn't just hurtle to fame as Natalie Portman's smoulderingly hot nemesis in 'Black Swan', you know.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and for Miss Kunis it was while the Pacific Ocean lapped at her toes on 'Baywatch'.

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A clip of her small-screen debut in a 1994 episode called 'Aftershock' has appeared online, with Mila getting the only speaking lines of her young co-stars.

11-year-old Mila plays a swotty child answering teacher's questions in the kind of outdoor beach class we simply don't see much of in this country.

Then when a couple of pupils get into a spot of bother in the sea, she's tasked with tearing off to get help from a rather convenient passing lifeguard, 80s pin-up Alexandra Paul as Stephanie Holden.

Well, this was 'Baywatch', after all...