Bobby Brazier and Ellie Leach split

Bobby Brazier and Ellie Leach split credit:Bang Showbiz
Bobby Brazier and Ellie Leach split credit:Bang Showbiz

Bobby Brazier and Ellie Leach have split.

The 'EastEnders' actor and the 'Coronation Street' actress started dating after competing on 'Strictly Come Dancing' last year and went on to take part in the spin-off arena tour from January to February.

However, the pair are now believed to have called time on their whirlwind romance.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Love blossomed between them when they were in close quarters on the tour, but once that ended they both spent much less time together.

"That gave them space to think about the future, which is likely to take them in very different directions over the coming year or two.

“So they decided the best thing to do was quit while they were ahead and while they were still pals, because they both really cherish the friendship they have.”

Meanwhile Bobby's former 'EastEnders' co-star Danielle Harold previously revealed her nan thought the pair were dating.

The 31-year-old actress sparked speculation she'd struck up a romance with her former 'EastEnders' co-star after they were pictured looking cosy after the National Television Awards last year and though she insisted the 20-year-old actor was just being the "biggest gent" and came to her aid after she struggled to walk in her high-heeled shoes, even her grandmother thought they were a couple.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper's 'Invite Only' podcast: “Poor Bobby. He must think, ‘Oh look, I’m getting attached to this old bird’. I’m like, ‘Sorry Bobby, it keeps me looking young, so...'

“Bless him, he was just being the biggest gent that night (the pictures were taken) because I could not walk in my shoes at all. We were at the NTAs. And our car left us, like, all the way around the back.

“I said, ‘Bobby, I can’t, I can’t, listen, I can’t walk.’ He was like, ‘Yes, you can.’ He was just being a gent and now he gets named as my boyfriend every two minutes. Bless him. You just laugh, and go that’s just how it is.

"Even my nan thought I was with Bobby. She said, ‘That was a lovely picture of you and your new boyfriend. I was like, ‘No nan, I’m not going out with Bobby.’ She’s so sweet.”