Bollywood Actress Shames Man Watching Pirated Version Of Her Latest Film

If you’re going to download a pirated movie, you probably shouldn’t watch it while sat next to the film’s leading lady…


But this is exactly what happened on a flight to Delhi earlier this week, when ‘Dilwale’ star Kriti Sanon spotted a man projecting her latest movie from his iPhone… despite the fact that it had only been released 10 days earlier.

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The unnamed Bollywood fan was spotted by Sanon and her mother watching ‘Dilwale’ during their flight to Delhi… and was soon publicly shamed by the actress when she revealed just how furious she was to her 419,000 Twitter followers.

“Someone watchin pirated version of Dilwale in front of me on phone in the flight!” she said. “Annoyed!! #SayNoToPiracy”

And she even posted a few pictures of the culprit.

“Sad to c the hardwork of so many ppl bein watched in such pathetic quality!” she added. “Pls enjoy films in cinemas #SayNoToPiracy”


But it seems that the star-struck Bollywood fan wasn’t exactly fazed by the actress’ protest… and continued to watch the movie while ‘showing off’ his new gadget.

“Yup… told him politely tht he would enjoy the film more in a theatre. But he was busy showin off his projector!”

Kriti Sanon’s first comment has been retweeted 1220 times, as well as being liked by over 2,500 Twitter users… but remarkably, some fans have been somewhat critical of Sanon’s latest film.

“Nowadays people watch pirated moves because some movies are not worth to watch in Multiplex’s,” said one Twitter user. “#goodfilmavoidpiracy”

“Piracy is ok but Dilwale? SayNoToDilwale.”

Of course, Sanon also had plenty of support from her fans, with one of the more popular replies pointing out that film piracy ‘is a criminal offence’.

Starring some big Bollywood names such as Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol and Varun Dhawan, ‘Dilwale’ managed a respectable $22 million worldwide during its opening weekend – the third biggest Bollywood opener of 2015.

‘Dilwale’ opened across the globe on 18 December 2015.

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Picture Credit: Red Chillies Entertainment, Twitter

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