Bridget Jones’s Baby Could’ve Ended Very Differently, According To Colin Firth

Colin Firth has revealed that things could’ve ended up very differently for Renee Zellweger’s character, as he shares his apathy for the third movie’s conclusion.


Warning: Bridget Jones’s Baby spoilers ahead.

Speaking to Cinemablend, the British actor believes the whole thing might’ve turned out differently, depending on how audiences responded and indeed what they wanted to see, which is interesting.

Apparently, producers were keen to gauge what their fans wanted to see and work around that.

“I don’t think they have that much loyalty to anybody. They were going to wait to see what people wanted, and I think there was a determination to deliver a happy or satisfying ending. And I think they were hedging their bets until they started to see people’s response. I think if, had the responses been different, I think we’d be looking at a different ending.”

As we’re aware, having seen the movie which is in cinemas now, it’s Firth’s Mark Darcy that emerges the so-called ‘winner’ as he and Zellweger’s title character make it down the aisle, leaving Patrick Dempsey’s Jack to quite literally hold the baby as the parents get wed.


Clearly fan feedback was very much in the Mark camp and a strong sense of a a happy resolution and positive conclusion to Bridget’s entangled love life was what was wanted.

Yet Firth himself wasn’t to fussed on how any of it played out, as he so bluntly reveals.

“I don’t think I’m in a position to judge. You might be asking the wrong person, because I’m not really your classic rom-com audience. I rather like an unhappy ending. Call me an old misanthrope or something. Or a complicated ending, or something. You know, the baby belongs to one guy, but she ends up with the other. That’s the thing I think would have been interesting. In the end, we’re in the romantic comedy world here, and I think people go for a particular reason, for a particular escape - a diversion. So I think, I’m probably not the best person to confer with in those things.”

Say it as it is, Colin, say it as it is.

His ideas for a more complicated, non-rosy ending would have certainly made for a far more interesting and discussion-worthy film, but at the end of the day it was a film made for the fans and, in some respects, by the fans.

‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ is in UK cinemas now.

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