Mad Max: Fury Road Sequel Reportedly Underway

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ was without question the biggest surprise of 2015. George Miller’s return to the franchise wowed everyone with its insane stunts and manner it treated its female protagonist, Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa.


After scooping half a dozen Oscars and acclaim from all corners of the film world, a potential sequel was hotly talked about. And now, according to Dark Horizons, an article in Australia’s The Herald-Sun claims that the follow-up is well underway.

‘Mad Max: The Wasteland’ is allegedly beginning its shoot in the Broken Hill area of Australia, with its story focusing on Furiosa’s past. Using Theron’s character’s backstory is probably the most sensible idea seeing as Furiosa was the movie’s MVP and clear standout; even with Tom Hardy and Nicholas Hoult in the fray.

No doubt fans would welcome a sequel with open arms even though it didn’t set the box office alight - worldwide the film took $378 million which, considering its budget and marketing costs, doesn’t equate to barely any profit.

And even though it may centre on Furiosa’s early days or pre-Fury Road life there’s no guarantee Theron would be reprising the role, especially if it were set decades ago. At present no one, including actors, director Miller or Warner Bros. have commented about an imminent sequel, let alone confirmed its existence.

This news comes shortly after it was announced that a chrome version of ‘Fury Road’ is on its way this December, which would be interesting to see.


That said, other projects such as ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ and the recent ‘Blair Witch’ were made in secret or disguised as something else until very late on, so there’s every chance Miller et al could be working on a top secret sequel right now.

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Picture credit: Warner Bros.

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