Buffalo Bill's house from 'Silence Of The Lambs' is now a B&B

Buffalo Bill's House from Silence of the Lambs (Credit:
Buffalo Bill's house from Silence Of The Lambs (

The house where Buffalo Bill performed his... deeds in Silence Of The Lambs is now a cosy bed and breakfast.

Located at 8 Circle Street in Perry Township, Pennsylvania, the Queen Anne period house, built in 1910, was bought in January this year for $290,000 (around £209,000).

Ex-New Yorker Chris Rowan, an art director and prop stylist for the TV and movie business, is now the house's proud owner, leaning into the notoriety by asking 'Will you survive?' on the B&B's new website,

It also adds: “Book your stay now... or else you'll get the hose again.”

Silence of the Lambs (Credit: Orion Pictures)
Silence Of The Lambs (Orion Pictures)

The house can sleep up to 10 in four bedrooms, and features a formal living room, real fire places, a wraparound porch, gazebo and a swimming pool in the gardens.

“The home really did maintain its aesthetics from the film itself,” Rowan, who is also the host of the New York City Horror Film Festival, told Metaflix.

“It’s not in the visually poor condition that Buffalo Bill [played by Ted Levine] kept it in, but all the places where he and Jodie Foster interacted are just the way you remember.

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“It was just really something to witness, doing the walk-through with the realtor.”

As well as providing overnight lodgings, the house is also being offered as a location for TV and movies, along with being open for guided tours.

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