Busy Phillips explains her mid-life ADHD diagnosis

Busy Phillips has opened up about her mid-life ADHD diagnosis.

The actress revealed it was when her daughter Birdie was being assessed that she realised she may also have the condition.

"My older daughter was having some issues in school and we took her to be evaluated. And literally in the evaluation, my ex-husband, Marc (Silverstein), we were looking at each other because everything the doctor was asking Birdie and talking about, I was like, 'But that's me. That's what I have,'" Busy, 44, told Us Weekly.

She said once she knew what to look for, the signs had been there her whole life.

"I had a really difficult time completing tasks," Busy explained. "I had a lot of big ideas and not a lot of follow-through. I often found myself behind on calls or double booked for things, cancelling on people. It makes you feel bad because you feel like you're messing up."

She added parenthood had also made the disorder more visible.

"I would forget or I would mix up times for play dates," Busy said. "I would mess up the kids' schedule and my schedule."

After both she and Birdie, now 15, were diagnosed and she started taking medication, Busy's entire life changed.

"It's no coincidence really that these last several years of my career have been the best and most productive," she said.

"And I've been doing so many more things that I've wanted to do for so long, but sort of was lacking the resources and the ability and even just the awareness."