Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford love playing practical jokes on each other

Calista Flockhart has revealed she and husband Harrison Ford love playing practical jokes on each other.

The Ally McBeal actress shared how the couple keep their marriage “fun”, with Calista often catching Harrison by surprise.

Referring to herself as the "Scare Monster" at home, Calista told The New York Times: "Because I hide behind every corner. And so Harrison will walk in, and then I’ll go, ‘Raaah!’ And he’ll go, ‘W-uy-aah!’ And then I die laughing."

The pair also get a kick out of planting fake insects around their home.

Calista, 59, has hidden plastic spiders in Harrison’s ice cubes, with the 81-year-old Indiana Jones actor seeking revenge by planting rubber scorpions in her bed.

As well as sharing a similar sense of humour, the stars – who have been married since 2010 - also prefer a cosy night at home to a glitzy evening out.

“The other reason it works is, we’re both pretty introverted," Calista added. "We stay home a lot, homebodies, which is nice.”

Calista revealed that while they love to spend time together, the stars are also “very independent” of each other.

Elsewhere in the interview, Calista also addressed the past speculation around her weight and how it affected her time on Ally McBeal.

“I was an easy target, I guess,” she shared. “It was painful, it was complicated. I loved working on Ally McBeal, and it just made it sour."

The star added the anorexia rumours left her “sleep-deprived” and “depressed” as she worried her career would be ruined.

“I didn’t think anybody would ever hire me again, because they would just assume I had anorexia,” she recalled. “And that would be the end of that.”