Captain America: Civil War Originally Had A More Twisted Intro For Baron Zemo

As ‘Captain America: Civil War’ arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray its directors have been discussing what did and what didn’t make it into the latest Marvel epic.

This included a new introduction scene for Daniel Bruhl’s scheming Baron Zemo, one even more brutal than what was in the final cut.

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“We had an original scene where Zemo was at an auction, a black market auction. And that’s how he got his hands on the book, was at this auction,” Joe Russo told CinemaBlend.

“He killed everybody in the auction by gassing the auction. But we just didn’t get enough story out of him; it was too mysterious of an opening scene.”

Anthoy then explained that the touted scene didn’t make it clear enough what Zemo’s intentions were.

In the final film (minor spoilers ahead) he breaks into the house of a former Hydra agent he tracked down with an old Hydra ledger (the previously-mentioned book) before torturing him for the information he needed and killing him for good measure.

“It did not connect him to the opening of the movie cleanly. [The final scene] does,” added Stephen McFeely, who co-wrote the film Christopher Markus.

The final scene used does work better, conveying the brutality of Zemo and his mission nicely. Committing mass murder would also have opened up a few plot holes, and made Zemo’s secretive movements in the film harder to believe.

'Captain America: Civil War’ is out now on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally.

Picture Credits: Marvel Studios

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