'Catastrophe' star Sharon Horgan and 'Flashpoint' directors planning team up (exclusive)

Hanna Flint
‘Game Night’ star Sharon Horgan is planning on collaborating with her directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein

Sharon Horgan is one of Britain’s most celebrated comedy writers and stars so it’s no wonder that she was tapped to star in the new American comedy Game Night.

It’s thanks to this role that she got to work with directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, who had previously helped to pen Spider-Man: Homecoming script and are set to helm the solo Flash movie Flashpoint.

Horgan herself co-created the critically acclaimed British series Catastrophe and Pulling, as well as the HBO series Divorce starring Sarah Jessica Parker, and now she says that they have all been discussing ways to work together in the future.

Sharon Horgan stars opposite Billy Magnussen in ‘Game Night’ (Warner Bros)

“When you work with people who you think are brilliant, you want to work with them a bit more, especially if they are good people and fun to be around,” she told Yahoo Movies UK. “We started to come up with some stuff and had some chats and phone calls.

“They are super busy now, but yeah, I would love them to direct something of mine in the future and collaborate with them somehow.”

The collaboration doesn’t seem likely to involve Daley and Goldstein directing a superhero movie script of hers as Horgan says she has no interest in penning one for Marvel or DC.

“I love [superhero films] and I do actually genuinely love them because they are great sort of family viewing,” she explained. “They are proper like “going to the movies” type of viewing, but for me I definitely want to write a big Hollywood comedy.

“With superheroes I feel like there’s a whole world I’d have to steep myself into, and do some research, and really become a bit of an expert before I could even think about a story. I’d rather let someone else do it and enjoy through a different route.”

Game Night directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein will helm the Flash solo movie (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Horgan will be taking her filmmaking down a very different route soon as she admits she is working on something in the horror/sci-fi genre.

“Some of the stuff I’m looking at is in that kind of area actually, weirdly a bit of horror, or certainly stuff that is a little bit of sci-fi because it feels like in the insane world we’re living in, people want a bit of an escape from it,” the BAFTA-nominated actress revealed.

Horgan also says she’s working on a new project with Jordan Stephens, the Rizzle Kicks star who appeared in an episode of Catastrophe.

“I can’t really tell you too much about because we’re still waiting to find out if we’re going to be able to do it or not,” she said before explaining how they bonded easily after his guest appearance on her show.

Catastrophe co-creator and star Rob Delaney with guest star Jordan Stephens

“I just really liked him; I love how he is on screen and I just think he’s got a really sparky brain. I feel like he had something to say socially so we came up with a frame work for how he could play a -character – that’s not super far from himself – but get’s the opportunity to make a change and especially for young people in London.

“We’re working on it with Jolyon Rubinstein from The Revolution Will Be Televised and we all love it,” she added.

When Yahoo Movies quoted Channing Tatum to her, suggesting that because of her shows’ international successes they’d “have Cate Blanchett” to make what they want, Horgan admitted it didn’t quite work like that.

“Haha! I don’t know if it’s ‘Cate Blanchett’, but it’s definitely easier when you’ve made a show, then made a similarly successful show, it’s easier for people to trust that you know what you’re doing,” she explained. “I think you can go into those places and say ‘this is what I want to do, this is who I want to work with, this is how I want it to look.’

“I think they are definitely more open to hearing from you, but making something like Game of Thrones you’d have to still jump through all the hoops. They commit to things quicker but there’s never the full green light. It’s still the same old slog but it’s easier to get in there.”

Game Night is out on Friday

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