Robin Williams Family Angry Over Channel 5 Doc Featuring Lookalike Porn Actor


Channel 5 has reportedly angered the family of Robin Williams with plans for a new documentary programme about his last days, which will feature a look-a-like porn actor playing the tragic star.

According to reports, reenactments in the show will find Williams played by a French actor called Alain Poudensan, who as well as being a professional Robin Williams look-a-like, has also worked in a host of adult movies using the name Alain L’Yle.

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Williams’ family is said to be ‘dismayed’ by the plan, which will be part of Channel 5’s ‘Autopsy’ series of shows.

The series has also examined the deaths of Michael Jackson, Karen Carpenter, Whitney Houston, Brittany Murphy and Michael Hutchence.

A friend of the family told the Daily Mirror: “With each passing day the pain for Robin’s family eases just a fraction but something as disturbing as this just takes them backwards.


“Why anyone would want to make such a programme is beyond comprehension. His wife and family will be utterly dismayed that someone is seeking to profit from Robin’s death in such a grotesque way.

“The producers should be ashamed of themselves. I hope people refuse to watch.”

Channel 5 has confirmed that it is making the programme, but has given no further comment.

A source on the show told the paper: “The man who plays Robin is a spitting image. His resemblance to Robin freaked out a lot of the cast.”

63-year-old Williams took his own life in August last year, and was found dead at his home in Marin County, Los Angeles.

It emerged that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and was struggling with a bout of depression.

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