Check out Deadpool 2's new '80s poster and every other pop culture reference the campaign has made

Hanna Flint
Deadpool pays homage to an ’80s classic

The new Deadpool 2 poster has arrived and its just as pop cultured as ever.

The image sees the R-rated Marvel hero pulling his best Flashdance pose, reenacting the famous stripping scene where Alex pulls a chain and water cascades down onto her while reclining on a chair.

In Deadpool’s case, the water is replaced by empty bullet cases but the thrust of his body is just as strong.

Deadpool 2’s new poster references Flashdance

20th Century Fox and Ryan Reynolds have often looked to pop culture for marketing inspiration, and here’s a round up of some of the best since Wade Wilson first burst onto our screens in his own movie in 2016.

Bob Ross

The first teaser trailer featured Deadpool doing a Bob Ross (the American art and TV host) impression, but obviously with a lot more profanity.

Super Bowl

Deadpool Super Bowl tweets

There were reports that the first full length Deadpool 2 trailer would debut during the Super Bowl but instead we got some live-tweeting of the game from the official Twitter handle.

Betty White

Apparently Deadpool is a massive Golden Girls fan, hence why he marked Betty White’s birthday with a special “‘tinis and weenies” tribute.

The Creation of Adam

They certainly like art in Deadpool HQ and this time someone reimagined Michaelangelo’s The Creation of Adam with the red and black hero and his new pal Cable (Josh Brolin)

The Magical Kingdom

To mark the acquisition of the Fox by Disney, Reynolds posted a tweet that definitely wouldn’t be approved by old Walt if he was still around. Will be interesting to see if the studio tries to make the actor rein in the bawdy social media posts.

Good Housekeeping

Deadpool does Thanksgiving as guest editor of Good Housekeeping

Deadpool guest-editing a special edition of the home and lifestyle magazine was certainly unexpected but pairing the deviant hero with more lighter fare has fast become the trademark of the franchise’s marketing campaign.

Deadpool’s Burt Reynolds impression

Zazie Beets recreated the first Deadpool poster but had her lying on a dead Deadpool rather than a bearskin rug.

That poster was a recreation of the famous Burt Reynolds naked centrefold in Cosmopolitan.

Romance films

Deadpool released a Valentine’s Day special poster

The film was released on Valentine’s Day and to mark the occasion a lovey dovey poster was released sending up romance movies usually released on the holiday. Funnily enough, Deadpool was a number one bestseller in the romance section of Amazon upon its home entertainment release.

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