Chris Evans Gets In Online Fight With Drug CEO Martin Shkreli

Chris Evans has faced off against his share of formidable adversaries on the big screen – but it seems he might have a new, somewhat unexpected off-screen nemesis.


Martin Shkreli, the controversial former drug company CEO notorious for his social media confrontations, has now picked a fight with the Captain America actor on Twitter.

Evans sparked off the conflict with a tweet in Shkreli’s direction after actor/comedian Patton Oswalt ‘owned’ the widely hated former Turing Pharmaceuticals boss, infamous for purchasing pharmaceutical brands and significantly raising their prices.

Shkreli wasted no time firing back:


Whilst Evans did not respond, this did not stop Shkreli from taking it further:


A native of Brooklyn (Captain America’s hometown), Shkreli became ‘the most hated man in America’ overnight in September 2015 after buying up the HIV drug Daraprim, formerly sold at $13.50 (just under £10) per pill, and raised its price to $750 (£565) a pill – a staggering 5,556% hike, which the then-CEO was publicly unrepentant about.

Not long thereafter he resigned from Turing after being arrested on charges of securities fraud, for which he is free on bail pending trial.

Subsequent to this, he is most noted for endorsing Donald Trump and getting in fights on Twitter.

Picture Credit: Marvel, CNBC, Twitter

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