Chris Evans Wants Brie Larson To Be Captain Marvel

‘Captain America: Civil War’ star Chris Evans has shared his thoughts on why Oscar-winner Brie Larson would be a great choice for ‘Captain Marvel’.


During a Marvel panel at Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia, Evans was quick to share his opinion on the increasing speculation surrounding future Marvel characters: specifically, Captain Marvel.

When asked about the rumour that Brie Larson (this year’s Best Actress Oscar-winner for ‘Room’) would be the actor to play the role of Carol Danvers, a character heavily associated with the Avengers, Evans was keen on the idea:

“I just heard about that. I really hope that happens! I love Brie Larson. We did a movie together back in ’09, ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’.”

Indeed the pair did work together on the Edgar Wright film, as Evans played one of the ex-boyfriend’s of Mary Elizabeth Winstead character, and Larson a scorned ex of the title character played by Michael Cera.

However, despite Evan’s admiration for Larson to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe - and let’s be honest, she’d be a great addition - nothing official has been announced in regards to who’ll portray the character.


But it was Anthony Mackie’s comments that riled up the crows when asked about who he thought should play the role:

“I think they should go outside the box and cast, like, a dude as Captain Marvel,” the actor who plays Falcon said. And, naturally, he was booed by the crow, even though it’s believed he was joking, as the rest of the panel laughed off his tongue-in-cheek claim.

While fans are mentioning a couple of names for the part - such as Natalie Dormer and Ronda Rousey - there’s no doubt that Larson would be a fine choice considering her acting range, should Marvel choose to go with the star.

Marvel’s ‘Captain Marvel’ is is US cinemas on 8 March, 2019, with the UK’s release yet to be confirmed.

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Picture credit: Kento Nara/Future Image/WEN , Marvel Comics