Christoph Waltz says Brexit Leave campaigners are 'clowns'

Christoph Waltz has said he is in a state of desperation over Brexit and called leading Leave campaigners clowns.

The German-Austrian actor has been vocal about his opposition to the Brexit process, and has again let his feelings be known.

Waltz, who stars in the motion capture film Alita: Battle Angel, and said his attitude toward the UK leaving the EU has moved beyond frustration.

Without naming names, he hit out at the “clowns” who pushed for Brexit, and called for accountability from Leave leaders.

He said: “I wouldn’t even know how to call the level of frustration anymore. Devastation. Desperation. Loss of words, really.

“I wonder increasingly so, will the clowns who triggered it ever take responsibility for it?

“Are we going to be able to say, ‘stand and explain and look at it? Take responsibility and as the Americans would say, man up?’ I doubt it.”

Waltz stars in James Cameron production Alita, based on a Japanese manga and making use of experimental motion capture in the style of Avatar.

Alita: Battle Angel is released in cinemas on Wednesday 6 February.

Reporting and quotes by PA.

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