Claire Foy thinks James Bond should be gender-switched like Doctor Who (exclusive)

The new Dragon Tattoo movie The Girl In The Spider’s Web is so James Bond-esque, we kept expecting Daniel Craig to walk out of the sea with his abs out.

But with so many iconic characters being gender-switched at the moment, would The Spider’s Web star Claire Foy like to play 007?

“I think they should gender-switch the character. I played Lisbeth Salander, there’s nowhere to go from there. James Bond? I mean, come on. But they definitely should. It’s about time, as the Doctor Who posters say.”

Her co-star Sverrir Gudnason thinks she’d made a good fit for the role, but agrees that Lisbeth is more fascinating than Bond.

“Definitely. She would make a good anything. But I think it’s very interesting and fun to see her as Lisbeth Salander, because that’s something the world needs now, more than Bond, a female hero, on the screen. When I was growing up, every hero was a man, now kids can see both, and I think that’s interesting.”

Director Fede Alvarez has an easy solution to the problem, “She would make a fantastic Bond, actually. We should do a movie where Bond and Lisbeth meet, that would be great. In 10 years maybe they’ll do that, when Hollywood runs out of ideas they will start combining movies.”

And it turns out Bond was an influence on Alvarez. “I love those movies and they’re definitely an influence on this one, but I would say the Roger Moore films are more of an influence than the latest ones. Roger Moore’s my Bond because of the age that I was, I know a lot of people might say ‘He’s not the best one!’ but who cares? My Bond is Roger Moore.”

“So there was a lot of that over the topness, everything’s a bit too much and a bit more operatic. The character of Camilla dressing in red all the time, what the f**k is that? It’s obvious that we’re making it bigger and more operatic.”

“It’s something Hollywood films can do – not every other kind of film can do it, to really be a little bit insane and a bit over-the-top and the music be super-dramatic, I like that poppiness of it. To inject it into a series that has been more serious and moody, it was good – without betraying that – to add that to it.”

The Girl In The Spider’s Web will be released in the UK on 21 November.

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