Clint Eastwood wraps Juror No. 2

Clint Eastwood has completed filming on Juror No. 2, which is rumoured to be the final movie he will direct.

Post-production has now wrapped on the film, and its studio, Warner Bros, is said to be "thrilled" by the footage it has been shown, according to a report in Variety magazine.

The movie had a tumultuous road to completion, as the shoot had to be stopped for months last year because of the Hollywood strikes.

Furthermore, a number of studios reportedly rejected the project before the legendary filmmaker was able to find it a home at Warner Bros.

Eastwood, who will turn 94 in May, cast X-Men star Nicholas Hoult as a man who comes to a chilling realisation while sitting on a jury.

Gradually, it dawns on the character that he may have been culpable in the car accident that killed the person whose homicide is before the court.

He finds himself in the nail-biting position of having to decide whether to keep his own name clear or help the innocent defendant get acquitted.

Nicholas is at the head of an impressive cast that includes Toni Collette, Zoey Deutch and Kiefer Sutherland.

The completion of Juror No. 2 comes 65 years after Clint achieved his big break as an actor on the successful western series Rawhide.

His star rose with roles such as the Man With No Name in the Dollars Trilogy, and the title character in the bad cop classic Dirty Harry.