'The Cry' finale delivered a satisfying conclusion to a devastating tale

Michael Moran
Joanna eventually found out where Noah was buried. And it was incredibly dark.

Well, here we are. After four emotional, perplexing, sometimes hard-to-follow weeks we are finally at the conclusion of The Cry.

And, this being The Cry, we start with a riddle. Why is Joanna in hospital? She looks pretty banged-up, while still retaining Jenna Coleman’s fresh-faced good looks in that way that only happens in TV dramas.

And, in that way that only happens in The Cry, we are then suddenly swept sideways into one of Joanna’s session with her therapist. And everyone’s looking up that Karpman drama triangle again.

They’ve been there months. You’d think he’d be a bit less pasty by now.

Last time we checked, Alistair wanted to take Chloë back to Scotland with him. Now he wants to move to Australia? What is going on in his head?

To be fair it is a lovely house. It’s a bit of a cruel blow that there’s a nursery though. And it would have to be a much lovelier place to make it worth living with such an astoundingly manipulative man.

“Another baby is just what we need”

But the tide is starting to turn against Alistair. He’s been having everything his own way through this whole sorry affair up to now but his mum clearly knows what he did and getting the push from his job feels like a bit of a turning point for him. And not in a good way.

Speaking of things that are not good, here comes a squirmy horrible sex scene. Remember back in Episode 1 when we got away with out having to watch one of those because Chloë burst in?

We aren’t so lucky now.

Why does Joanna equate ‘needing some fresh air’ with ‘going for a drive’? This is about the third time she’s said that.

Bit of a tip Alastair: Always worth paying the extra for a hire car with air-bags.

A bad time to be Alistair

Alistair’s bad week continues when Joanna finally rumbles that he’s the one who gave Noah the wrong medicine. Just to think, all this could have been avoided if someone had just labelled those bottles.

It’s a telling detail when Joanna pops on her heels. She stands taller, straighter. Remembering that she could be strong.

The shoes told the whole story.

Strong enough to refuse her own counsel’s request for an adjournment after she says “I lived so I can tell the truth.”

A book deal though? Really?

Alistair seems to be really milking the situation. Which – given the truth of the matter – seems unwise at best.

And Joanna is not remotely impressed. Nor are the viewers actually. They want Alistair murdered ASAP, please.

And a random piece of fan mail is the key to the whole mystery

Finding out that Noah was still crying in the airport means his death wasn’t Joanna’s fault.

Clunk click, every trip

And Alistair didn’t live, specifically, because Joanna popped his seat belt just before she drove them off the road. Bad Joanna.

Chloë holding up a picture of baby Noah outside the court is a particularly intense moment. Seems like everyone knows the truth. Except the police obviously.

Not the best wallopers. Their only hope was that one of the perpetrators would go jack on a mate.

And it looks like the full truth never did come out, because here we are again in Australia. Joanna’s in that lovely house alone and she has apparently got away with both covering up the death of her baby and causing the death of her husband.

Was that a satisfying conclusion?

The internet says yes.

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