Darth Vader gets a parking ticket

Beth Squires

The last person you'd expect to see getting a parking ticket is Darth Vader... who on earth would be brave enough to issue it?

A New York City traffic cop, that's who.

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Darth dropped by Brooklyn in full intimidating costume and confronted the cop, saying he'd paid and his ticket was on his car dashboard…

Watch the footage of Darth Vader getting a parking ticket

Sadly, his voice just isn't as intimidating as the outfit.

The cop has none of it though, and doesn't give in to Vader.

Looking a little perturbed as the cop walks off, he's joined by a couple of Stormtroopers and walks dejectedly away.

The bloke filming shouts: "Go get 'em Darth Vader."

Alas, it looks like the cop won that round.

What do you think Darth Vader drives in Brooklyn? We're guessing it's not the Death Star...