Diane Kruger on getting back into shape after ‘wonderful and scary’ pregnancy

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Actress Diane Kruger has said preparing physically for her new film helped her get back to a “better version” of herself after giving birth.

The star welcomed her first child, a daughter, in late 2018 with fellow actor Norman Reedus, and started training for spy film The 355 six months later.

The feature, which also stars Jessica Chastain and Penelope Cruz, follows a group of five female international spies who team up to prevent a world-altering event from occurring.

Fox’s A Night with the Walking Dead – London
Norman Reedus (Matt Crossick/PA)

Kruger, 45, said pregnancy had been “wonderful and scary” but that the physically demanding role had helped her feel like she was moving forward.

Appearing on the Reign with Josh Smith podcast, she said: “I filmed when I had just had my baby, she was six months, when I started training for this.

“So it actually meant even more to me than most actors because I had to get off my couch and just find my body again.

“It felt like getting back to myself, being able to spend this time on me after having given myself for two years over to making a baby – being pregnant, giving birth, all those kind of things that are wonderful.

“But I was really excited about taking this on and it was part of why I wanted to be part of it. It was exhilarating to feel like each week that would pass, I was able to lift heavier and kick higher.

“And just getting back to a better version of me.”

Kruger said she had her first child “very late”.

“I was 40 so I did not think it was ever going to be what it used to be,” she said.

“And I kind of accepted that because I really wanted to have a baby, but you give yourself over to the process of that and to see your body change, it’s wonderful and scary and then giving birth and things are where they’re not supposed to be.

“It can be a little daunting and overwhelming, so in a way this film has really helped me to take control of the situation and feel like ‘I’m back.’

“I’m more grateful for my body today than I ever have because it’s able to change and do all that stuff.”

Kruger began dating The Walking Dead actor Reedus in 2016 shortly after splitting with her partner of 10 years, Dawson’s Creek actor Joshua Jackson.

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