Disney will bring Deadpool to the MCU

Sam Ashurst
Now that Walt Disney Company has closed its $71.3 billion purchase of 21st Century Fox’s movie and television assets, what does the future hold for franchises like X-Men and Deadpool?

Deadpool fans can pick up a chimichanga in celebration, as it’s finally officialDeadpool is coming to the MCU.

Disney chairman Alan Horn confirmed the news during his CinemaCon presentation in Las Vegas, after showing some of Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds’ tweets riffing on the Disney-Fox merger.

“You’ll be seeing more of Deadpool in the years to come,” Horn said.

Now, it might seem obvious that Disney would want to hang on to a property that requires relatively low investment for a high financial reward, but some fans were worried that Deadpool’s necessary adult tone doesn’t fit with the Mouse House’s family friendly vibe.

Disney+, the studio’s streaming service, seems to be a major priority at the moment, and that won’t ever carry adult-oriented content, with the emphasis on family friendly movies and shows.

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But it appears Disney has room for the Merc with the mouth, presumably in cinemas and on Blu-ray, as opposed to showing up on Disney+.

And it seems like Ryan Reynolds will continue to play the character – we’re not sure if Horn would have shown Reynolds’ tweets if he was planning on recasting.

That’s lucky, as Chris Hemsworth already welcomed Reynolds to the MCU, in the form of a Thor/Deadpool mash-up image on Instagram.

The presentation also included a sizzle reel, which included a shot of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine (though we doubt he’ll return to the character, following Logan’s perfect send-off), confirming – as if there was ever any doubt – that the X-Men will be a priority for the studio.

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Their inclusion in the MCU will be a significant part of the post-Avengers landscape. We’d expect the X-Men to get their own separate phase-based universe.

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